Casual Close-upGary L. Fisher, MSA, LUTCF, CLTC, CDFA
Wealth Advisor and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst

As a truly independent Wealth Advisor it’s easy for me to put my clients needs and best interests first. With over two decades of experience, I have helped mentor clients through a lot of challenging issues and times…from the new Presidency of Bill Clinton, to the Obama Administration, from the first World Trade Center attack to 9/11, three wars, two market crashes, GM bankruptcy, and more.  I’ve been asked to speak, train and coach other financial professionals from coast to coast, and through it all I’ve learned a lot about what it takes to achieve goals, stay focused, and meet challenges head on. This lifetime of experience informs my day to day work with clients and my mission–my commitment–as a professional:
  • To help my clients work toward the goal of building their assets
  • To approach all of my client relationships with the idea that we’re in it together, and that we’re in it for the long haul
  • To be the ‘go-to’ person in my clients’ financial lives.
  • To be the trusted source of advice, consultation, and services that help my clients pursue their goals.
  • To be flexible, respectful, and available to my clients as a resource, second opinion, and sometimes just to be a ‘good listener’.
  • To never be too busy to help any friend, family, or colleague that my clients refer to me.
  • That no one who doesn’t share your last name will ever care more about your ultimate financial goal achievement than I will.